Pneumatic Locking 

Swing Clamps

Patented Quadloc® Design


High clamping and holding force in a small package.


Our clamps lock into place instantly and will continue to hold even with pressure loss!


Save time by never having to design and build your locking swing clamps again! 


Tired of Having to Design & Build Your Locking Clamps!?

The Quadloc® pneumatic rotary swing arm clamp is an all-in-one standard locking unit that stays locked with the loss of air pressure.


This compact swivel cylinder clamp with a strong mechanical lock, makes for an easy fit into any design with a straightforward installation and minimal design costs.

The independent rack and pinion rotate allows for more flexibility and less chance of design interference compared to a standard pneumatic, swivel swing clamp. No need to worry about clockwise or counter-clockwise clamping.


Our Patented Quadloc® Technology Eliminates the Need for Seperate Rods Locks

True mechanical wedge lock with  no stored energy.

Our 4422 and 4425 Quadloc® swing clamp models produce clamping forces of up to 400lbs.

The holding force will always be 500lbs regardless of clamping force.



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