Quadloc® Pneumatic Locking Clamps

Product Numbers: (Click on the product number to view the hole pattern) #4422 - Short Automatic Rotate #4425 - Long Automatic Rotate Configuration Numbers: Clamp/Lock Port = 1 - 4 We offer port placement configuration for clamp/lock port only. Your code will look something like this: # 4422-1 Quadloc Configuration Numbers View PDF to see the different configurations we offer. If you have any questions or issues please feel free to give us a call. +1 (734) 276-3899

Configuration Options: 4422-1, 4422-2, 4422-3, 4422-4, 4425-1, 4425-2, 4425-3, 4425-4

Recommended Quadloc Clamp Accessories

If you want to fully automate the process, each Quadloc® clamp requires (4) Cylinder Sensors and (2) Sensor Brackets (#E11912). Fully Accessorized Quadloc Clamp Efector Cylinder Sensors From Inateg Efector Cylinder Sensors: MK5137; MK5138; MK5139; MK5186; MR0100 Efector Sensor Specifications Sensor Bracket: #E11912 Swing Arm: #22-11

Please call if you have any questions about application.