Quadloc® Pneumatic Locking Clamps

Product Numbers: (Click on the product number to view the hole pattern) #4422 - Short Automatic Rotate #4425 - Long Automatic Rotate Configuration Numbers: Clamp/Lock Port = 1 - 4 We offer port placement configuration for clamp/lock port only. Your code will look something like this: # 4422-1 Quadloc Configuration Numbers View PDF to see the different configurations we offer. If you have any questions or issues please feel free to give us a call at +1 (734) 276-3899

Configurations: 4422-1, 4422-2, 4422-3, 4422-4, 4425-1, 4425-2, 4425-3, 4425-4

Recommended Quadloc Clamp Accessories

If you want to fully automate the process, each Quadloc® clamp requires (4) Cylinder Sensors and (2) Sensor Brackets (#E11912). Fully Accessorized Quadloc Clamp Efector Cylinder Sensors From Inateg Efector Cylinder Sensors: MK5137; MK5138; MK5139; MK5186; MR0100 Efector Sensor Specifications Sensor Bracket: #E11912 Swing Arm: #22-11

Please call if you have any questions about application.


We are currently in the final stages of providing a higher power locking swing clamp for the manufacturing/machining fields. It is capable of greater holding and clamping forces than the original. Like the original, it will maintain its clamping force even when disconnected from its pneumatic power source.